Nisekoi Yomeiri!? Onodera Route Complete

On February 1, 2015 In PlayStation Vita

With today’s video, Kosaki Onodera’s general route in “Nisekoi Yomeiri!?” is complete. While I’ve played through the DLC and managed to reach the Good End, I still have a few more things to cover in her route so it’s not quite 100%.

The after store event’s as well as the Bad End will be translated at a later date, but for now we’re going to transition into Tsugumi’s Route.

As always, you can pick up your copy of Nisekoi Yomeiri!? here to follow along with my translation, and maybe even grab a few PSN trophies on the way.

Nisekoi Yomeiri!?

Nisekoi Yomeiri!?

Maker: Konami
System: PlayStation Vita
Genre: Adventure
Release: Nov 27, 2014
Price: USD $54.99
  • John P.

    Hi, what do I have to do to play with your translation? I own the official game for vita!

    • If you’re referring to playing a translated version on your vita, that’s not possible since I can’t apply patches to vita games. If you were just looking for guides/info on events, you can check here:

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