To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess Translations

On November 12, 2015 In PlayStation Vita

Opening Movie:

To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess was released in Japan on November 5th for around 6980yen ($56USD) for the regular edition, and 8980yen ($73USD) for the limited edition. If you decided to pick up a first print copy, it’ll come with some extras in the form of a download code containing 2 navigation voices.



I’ve translated the prologue to the story, along with the tutorial in hopes that it’ll make the experience easier for anyone wishing to import this title.  (If you haven’t already, you can import your copy here )


  • Skeleton

    You rock!!! How did you translated this game to english?

    • I just subbed the recorded footage and did some video editing.

      • Skeleton

        Are you planning to sub the whole game in english?

        • Probably only a few routes.

          • Skeleton

            When will you post more videos of to love ru darkness true princess?

          • They should be up next week.

          • Dark_Raven666

            When will you be posting the first route?

          • TLR Darkness Lover

            How much more time man? Still waiting

  • TLR Darkness Lover

    I love the work your doing…but when will be the next part of to love-ru darkness: true princess (english sub) coming out?

  • TLR Darkness Lover

    Have you stopped translating this game?

  • TLR Darkness Lover

    Have you stopped translating To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess? PLEASE DO MORE

  • Izurii

    Hey, are you translating yet? I want to translate the game, yes, literally the game, but, i don’t read Japanese, i want to use your translation, and, i’m asking for your permission. Sorry for my bad english, i’m Brazillian and i learned this english in games, and other things.

  • James Stevens

    i have yet to find a part 3 of his translated series of videos on youtube for this. its a shame he never completed it or continued the video series. it was like watching an alternate universe season of to-love.

  • Alekarix

    Hello i would like translate your video in french but i haven’t access to youtube subtitles. So can you activate this option for the french community ?
    Thank you in advance ^^

  • DiaborMagics

    If I understand correctly, there is no version of the game with English text? 🙁 So many nice games don’t get a translation.
    So the only way to actually follow what’s going on if you can’t read enough Japanese yet, is to watch your videos? Is that series complete?

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