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This guide covers the basic operations and story clear conditions within the JP version of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss.

Official Website: http://5pb.jp/games/re-zero/

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With the royal selection approaching for the The kingdom of Lugnica, the five candidates aiming to become the new ruler take part in a competition held within the imperial city. The name of this event is the “Beauty Queen Election”!



Touch PadNot used
(O) Button Select/ Send Message
Skip Movie
(X) ButtonCancel
Clear Message Window
(Triangle) ButtonView backlog
(Square) ButtonAuto Mode ON/OFF
(L1) ButtonSkip Message (Only while holding the button)
(L2) ButtonQuick Save
(R1) ButtonSkip Mode ON/OFF
(R2) ButtonQuick Load
Share Button Brings up share function
Options ButtonBrings up Menu Screen
Directional key
(L3) Button
(R3) BUtton
Light/Right Stick
Move Cursor

How to Start

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss is an adventure game where you proceed through reading text. From the title screen, you can begin the prologue by pressing “Start”.

StartStart the game from the beginning.
Data LoadSelect and load the game from your saved data.
OptionAdjust various options such as volume and text speed.
Extra menuView unlocked Endings and CG's

How to Play

The title’s “Beauty Queen Election” will take place over a span of 9 days.
Aim for a good ending with the character of your choice. Press (O) to proceed as conversations are displayed through the message window.

Choices: Decided your actions through selections. The story will change based on your selections.

8 character choices: This screen will be displayed during specific points. Select a character to proceed.



View the backlog with the (Triangle) button. You can view previously read messages to an extent. You can close this menu using the (X) button.

Auto Mode

Use the (Square) button to activate auto mode. While in this mode, you can conversation will proceed without the need to manually press the (Circle) button. You can end auto mode by press the (Square) or (options) buttons.

Previously Read Skip

You can set this using the (R1) button. This will allow you to quickly skip conversations you’ve already read. Holding the (L1) button will allow a force skip.

Hide Message Window

You can hide the message window using the (X) button. Press (X) again to reveal the window.

Quick Save

Press (L2) or the “Quick Save” button within the system menu to perform a quick save. *Take note that quick saves will be erased once you end the game application.

Quick Load

Press (R2) or the “Quick Load” button within the system menu to perform a quick load.

System Menu

Press the “OPTIONS” button to view the System Menu.

Quick SavePerform a quick save.
Quick LoadLoad from your quick save data.
SaveSave your current session.
Load Load from your save data.
Status View how close you are to each character.
OptionAdjust various settings.
Return to Title Go back to the game title.


Sound Settings

BGM VolumeAdjust the game's BGM volume.
SE VolumeAdjust the game's SE volume.
System SE VolumeAdjust the game's System SE volume.
Voice VolumeAdjust the game's voice volume.

Voice Settings

Turn the voice ON/OFF for each character.

Text Settings

Message SpeedAdjust the game's message speed.
Message Auto SpeedAdjust the game's message auto speed.
Skip ModeAdjust the skip mode type.
Automatic Save timingAdjust the auto save point.

DLC Settings

Turn DLC content ON/OFF. This page will not be displayed if the DLC isn’t installed.


CG AlbumView CG's that you've unlocked.
SoundListen to the BGM that you've unlocked,
Scene ReplayView events that you've unlocked.
Return to TitleReturn to the game title.


Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss

Maker: 5pb
System: PlayStation 4
Genre: Adventure
Release: Mar 30, 2017
Price: USD $73.99

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