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PART 1: Translation/Editing

November 5, 2015: Translation project started.


With the “Darkness” incident revolving around Yami coming to a close, Rito Yuuki thought he could finally return to his everyday life. However, due to a certain happening, Rito finds himself with a case temporary memory loss. As he sets out to recover his memories, a new story featuring the 11 heroines and their complicated expectations unfolds.

Parameters and encountering heroine events:

Heroine icons will appear during the exploration part after you develop Rito, and exceed their ideal parameters. You can view the parameters needed for the next event by moving the right stick up.

Parameters you can increase and their locations.
◆Integrity/誠実 … Student Council Room/生徒会室
◆Health/体力 … Gymnasium/体育館
◆Courage/勇気 … Old School Building /旧校舎
◆Intelligence/知力 … Library/図書館
◆Kindness/優しさ … Florist/花屋
(Your Lucky Sukebe Gauge/ラッキースケベゲージ can be lowered at the shrine/神社)

Conditions to view the endings:

-Reaching 30 days without advancing any heroine routes⇒Normal END

-You progress through all the heroine events, but you select the wrong choice during the final event ⇒Normal END or Individual END

-You progress through all the heroine events, and select the right choice during the final event, but your relationship isn’t high enough⇒ Individual END

-You progress through all the heroine events, select the right choice during the final event, and your relationship is high enough⇒ Individual TRUE END

About Relationships:

Your relationship with the heroines will increase or decrease based on choices you make during events. Whenever your relationship changes, hearts will be displayed on the screen. Keep in mind that there are some situations where your relationship can change without displaying these hearts. To view your current relationship: Move the right stick “up” to enter the data screen⇒Navigate to the heroine⇒Then press “O” to view the hearts.

Epilogue and sequel:

While you may see the end credits during the individual END, the Epilogue will only be shown after the conditions for the TRUE END are met.

The Epilogue can be viewed again at any time by: Going to the title screen⇒Selecting “NexToLOVEる” ⇒ Then “More ToLOVERU/もっとToLOVEる“. (The sequel can also be found here.)

Incidentally, within the CG gallery, the last 2 images for all characters are the epilogue and sequel.


At the start of the game, you can ignore all events and simply raise the 5 parameters to max. You can then start every heroine route by loading from that save file. However, this method may be difficult for some of the heroines as the event locations on the map are limited, and they may begin to overlap with each other.

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