This platinum trophy should be relatively simple as you don’t need to complete all the events/acquire all the CG’s. Viewing the TRUE END for all characters, and collecting around 80% of the everyday events (“?” Events) should give you the platinum.

Perfect Trouble!, Harem Princess, Dreams・Come・ True Princess*, & Lucky Sukebe Master should all unlock naturally while working towards the platinum.

Everyday Trouble**:  view here

An unchanged relationship: 

At some point during your play-through, you’ll need to view the “Normal End” for this trophy. You can complete this quickly during the Run or Mea route. Save your game before the 8th event, and select the option that will lead to the Normal End. 

All other trophies: 

The most efficient method would be to play all routes in order using the guides. Whenever you clear a route, you will unlock the “TRUE END”, “Reunion”, & “Secret CG” trophies for the chosen heroine.

*More ToLOVERU refers to the “Epilogue and sequels” unlocked after viewing the TRUE END.

**Regular ToLOVERU refers to the mystery events(“?” icons).

Perfect Trouble!PlatinumAcquire all trophies
Harem PrincessGoldClear all the heroine routes
Dreams・ Come・ True PrincessGoldAcquire a lot of "More ToLOVERU"
Everyday TroubleGoldAcquire a lot of "Regular ToLOVERU"
Lucky Sukebe MasterGoldAcquire a lot of CG's
Days of pleasure and perversionSilverView Momo's TRUE END
Taiyaki shop open!SilverView Yami's TRUE END
An intense, but wonderful worldSilverView Mea's TRUE END
A spectacular futureSilverView Lala's TRUE END
Harmonious livingSilver View Haruna's TRUE END
Everyday fun with the animals SilverView Nana's TRUE END
A family picnic SilverView Yui's TRUE END
...Try to avoid scandals!SilverView Run's TRUE END
A normal girlSilverView Rin's TRUE END
Always getting alongSilverView Mikan's TRUE END
A complete ManservantSilverView Nemesis' TRUE END
An unchanged relationshipSilverView the normal end
Reunion, a single-minded schemer with a pure heartBronzeReunited with Momo
Reunion, an assassin who hates perverted thingsBronzeReunited with Yami
Reunion, a nice and curious weaponBronzeReunited with Mea
Reunion, an innocent princess!BronzeReunited with Lala
Reunion, a pure maiden in loveBronzeReunited with Haruna
Reunion, the flat-chested tsundere animal princessBronzeReunited with Nana
Reunion, the fastidious school disciplinary member!BronzeReunited with Yui
Reunion, the cute devil idolBronzeReunited with Run
Reunion, the strong cool beautyBronzeReunited with Rin
Reunion, a firm girl concerned about her brotherBronzeReunited with Mikan
Reunion, the sadistic girlBronzeReunited with Nemesis
You're starting to become more intenseBronzeAcquire Momo's secret CG
I should hate perverted things, but... BronzeAcquire Yami's secret CG
Being licked is wonderful...BronzeAcquire Mea's secret CG
R-Rito... Not my tail~~~~BronzeAcquire Lala's secret CG
Don't look, Yuuki-kun...BronzeAcquire Haruna's secret CG
Sorry for being flat-chested!!BronzeAcquire Nana's secret CG
Shameless!BronzeAcquire Yui's secret CG
I-In that case, why don't you touch it...?BronzeAcquire Run's secret CG
This... feeling... is...BronzeAcquire Rin's secret CG
Rito... your hand... BronzeAcquire Mikan's secret CG
Not bad, You caught me off-guardBronzeAcquire Nemesis' secret CG

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