After completing episode 9, which you can view here if you haven’t already, I had a few clips of footage which were cut during the editing. The first clip dealt with Kosaki Onodera. After receiving mail from Kosaki in part 9, I tried talking to her to see if any new events would trigger, though it ended up revisiting a scene I previously translated.

The second clip, which is posted below, revolves around a scene with Shuu and Miyamoto. This was a “question mark” event, and had little to do with Tsugumi’s overall route progression, but it was still new footage and I thought a few people may have been interested in this extra.

As always, you can pick up your copy of Nisekoi Yomeiri!? here to follow along with my translation, and maybe even grab a few PSN trophies on the way.

Nisekoi Yomeiri!?

Nisekoi Yomeiri!?

Maker: Konami
System: PlayStation Vita
Genre: Adventure
Release: Nov 27, 2014
Price: USD $54.99

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