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This FAQ covers the basic operations and story clear conditions within the JP version of My Hero Academia: Battle for All for the Nintendo 3DS.

Official Website: http://myhero-game.bn-ent.net/

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D-PadItem selection


Circle PadMovement
AShort Dash
R + ADodge Roll
Up on D-PadTarget lock ON/OFF
YNormal Attack
YYYYHero Combo
R + YReflect Attacks
A or B or Y or XBreakfall
L + YGuard Break Attack
Circle Pad + XSpecial Move A
XSpecial Move B
Jump + XSpecial Move C (Mid-air)
L + X (Requires 1 stock in "Hero Gauge")Ultra Move
L + A (Requires 3 stock in "Hero Gauge")Plus Ultra Move
Left or Right on D-PadCall in sidekick
Touch ScreenTriggers "Ultimate Time!!" when full
L + R Hero Burst (During "Ultimate Time!!")

Starting/Quitting the Game

Pressing “A” on the title screen will allow you to view data.

*You can also press the touch screen to begin.

Selecting Save Data

Use “Up and Down” on the D-Pad to select your data, and press “A” to begin. As you progress through the game, the selected Save data will automatically save.

*You can also press the touch screen to make selections.

Erasing Data

Hover over the save data and you want to delete and press the “Start” button. Select (Yes/はい) to confirm the deletion.

Reading QR Codes

From the title screen, press “X” to progress to the QR Code reader. QR Codes will unlock special curriculums which you can play.

Quitting the Game

Press the “Home” button to view the “Home Menu”. Selecting “X” afterwards will end the application.

Main Menu


After loading your save data, you’ll arrive at the main menu with the following options:

No.01 – Hero Academia Mode
No.02 – Free Battle Mode
No.03 – Wireless Battle Mode
No.04 – Training Mode
No.05 – Hero Challenge Mode



Pressing “Start” from the main menu will bring you to the options page with the following choices:

– Operation Settings
– Command List
– Help
– Sound Settings
– Return to Main Menu

Operation Settings

Adjust the basic battle buttons (A,B,Y,X). The options on screen are:

– Normal Attack (Y)
– Jump (B)
– Special Move (X)
– Dash (A)

– [Return] / [Select]
– [Start] *Restore to default

Command List

Use the slider on screen to scroll through the character list.


All Might will teach you various fundamentals during the game. You can review all the lessons here.
The first 5 options include:

– Hero Academia Mode
– Free Battle Mode
– Wireless Battle Mode
– Training Mode
– Hero Challenge Mode

Sound Settings

Adjust the sounds levels using “Left and Right” on the D-Pad. The options on screen are:

– SE
– Voice

– [Start] *Restore to default

Return to the Menu

This will close the options page and return you to the game’s main menu.

Hero Academia Mode

Hero Academia Mode

Enjoy each character’s story, play through the curriculum, and customise them with various items.

Character Selection

Use the D-Pad and “A” button to select a character before transitioning to the “Hero Academia Mode” menu. “LOCKED” characters will become available as you progress through the game.


The top screen will display the selected character’s “Hero Level” and “Status.

1.) Hero Level
-Your current hero level.

2.) Remaining Experience Point
-The experience points required to reach the next level. Experience is earned during battle.

3.) Equipped Costume
-Displays the costume currently equipped. Costumes can be changed in the “Costume Change” section of “Hero Support”.

4.) Custom Point
-As your hero levels up you’ll be given custom points to improve your abilities. Custom points can be applied from the “Hero Custom” section of “Hero Support”

5.) Status
Your character’s status.

– Health:
– Attack:
– Speed:
– Hero Gauge:


Hero Academia Mode Menu

After selecting your character, you’ll arrive at the “Hero Academia Mode Menu”. From here you can select:

– Story
– Curriculum
– Hero Support


Enjoy the story of your selected character.


You can face various challenges within curriculum.

Hero Support

Customise your hero to your liking using various items.

Selecting a Story

Using “Up and Down” on the D-Pad, select the story you wish to play, and press “A” to begin.

*You can use the start screen to select items as well.
*When you initially begin, you’ll be unable to make selections until you’ve cleared the story at least once.

Story Selection Screen

1.) Story List

The story clear rank will list one of the following grades: “C,B,A, or S”

– STORY: An adventure part without battles.
– LESSON: A story the has you complete certain inputs.
– MOB: A story you must clear under timed conditions.
– BATTLE: A story in which you defeat an opponent.
– DEFENSE: Defend under timed conditions.
– RACE: A story in which you compete with an opponent
– GIMMICK: A story you must clear under timed conditions.
– BOSS: Fight a giant boss.

2.) Clear Rank
-Displays the highest clear rank.

3.) Difficulty/Time Limit
-The amount of diamonds indicates the difficulty.

4.) Clear Conditions
-Conditions that must be met to clear the mission.

Adventure Part
You begin the Adventure part after selecting a character. The message window will display an arrowing indication that you can progress the dialogue with the “A” button.


Battle screen Information

1.) Combo View

2.) Sidekick

3.) Quirk Control

4.) Rounds Won

5.) Battle Time

6.) Health Gauge

7.) Guard Break Gauge

8.) Hero Gauge

9.) Hero Gauge Stock

10.) Special Effect Icon
-Icons include: Attack Up (Red) / Speed UP (Blue)

Hero Academia Mode


1.) Lesson View


1.) Target Health Gauge

2.) Targets Remaining

3.) Direction of Target


1.) Direction of Target

2.) Direction of Opponent

3.) The Number of Targets Remaining (YOU)

4.) The Number of Targets Remaining (OPPONENT)


1.) Object you must Defend

2.) Direction of Opponent

3.) Direction of Object

4.) Endurance Gauge of Object


Quirk Control

Ultimate Time!!

1.) Tapping the touch screen will fill your gauge.

2.) Once your gauge is at “MAX” you’ll activate “Ultimate Time!!”.

3.) During “Ultimate Time!!”, your character will be covered in a red effect, and see some sort of increase. (e.g. Attack Up, Speed up, etc.)


1.) Sidekick 1
2.) Sidekick 2

Gimmicks and Items


Destructible Gimmicks
– Refrigerator
– Drum Can
– Papier-mâché
– Hero Bag
– Wooden Box

Trap Gimmick
– Mine


– Health Gauge Recovery (Small)
– Health Gauge Recovery (Medium)
– Health Gauge Recovery (Large)
– Hero Gauge Recovery (Small)
– Hero Gauge Recovery (Medium)
– Hero Gauge Recovery (Large)



1.) Grade

2.) Hero Level

3.) Hero Credit

4.) Evaluation

5.) Acquired Hero Points / Hero Credits

6.) Bonus

Mission Failed Screen

Upon failing a mission, a screen will display with the following options:

– Retry
– Return to the Story Selection screen
– Return to the Main Menu

Selecting (Yes/はい) will confirm your choice.


Curriculum Selection

1.) Curriculum List

2.) Clear Rank

3.) Difficulty / Time

4.) Clear Conditions

Pause Menu

During battles and missions, you’ll be able to bring up the pause menu with the [Start] button. The pause menu contains the following options:

– Command List
– View clear conditions
– Help
– Return to Hero Academia Mode
– Return to the main menu

Hero Support 1


Hero Support 2

Hero Support 3

Free Battle Mode

Free Battle Mode

Select your favourite character and battle against the CPU.

Character Selection

Using the D-Pad you can select the character you wish to play as, and the character you’d like to play against here.

[LOCKED] characters will become available as you progress through the game.

[Random] will choose a character at random.

Stage Selection
Use the D-Pad to select a stage, and press the “A” button to confirm your selection.

[Random] will choose a stage at random.

Battle Settings

the on screen options include:

– Rounds (1 – 3 – 5)
– Time Limit (Unlimited – 99 – 60 – 30)
– Gimmick (OFF/なし – ON/あり)
– Difficulty (Ultimate/最強 – Hard/難しい – Normal/普通 – Easy/簡単)

Training Mode

Training Mode

During training, pressing the [Start] button and [トレーニング設定] to bring up the pause menu with the following options:

– Health: ()
– Hero Gauge: ()
– Sidekick Gauge: ()
– 2P Movement: ()
– 2P Guard: ()
– 2P Strength: ()

Hero Challenge Mode

Hero Challenge Mode

A mode in which you fight a variety of formidable opponents.

Character / Difficulty Selection

Once you select your character and sidekick, you can choose between a “Beginner Course”, “Intermediate Course”, and “Advance Course”.

You’ll be able to view your next opponent before the battle begins. Winning will allow you to move on to your next opponent.

Wireless Battle Mode

You can play with your friends in either Local or Download play.

*There is currently no plan/option for online play.

Local Play

Requires both players to own a copy of the game. Player will need to choose between “Host” and “Guest”.

Download Play

Only requires one players to own a copy of the game.

*Characters are limited to [Izuku Midoriya] and [Katsuki Bakugou].

QR Code

QR Code

From the title screen, press “X” to progress to the QR Code reader. QR Codes will unlock special curriculums which you can play.

QR Codes will be announced on the games home page: http://myhero-game.bn-ent.net/


Izuku Midoriya

TitleClear ConditionsUnlocks
Prologue - Izuku Midoriya
1. The transferred QuirkComplete the tutorial
2. Entrance exam revenge Defeat "5" faux villains within the time limitCostume [A], Curriculum []
3. A great heroDefeat Katsuki BakugouGym clothes [B], Curriculum []
4. RivalProtect the object until time is upCostume [B, Legs], Curriculum []
5. Sharpening one's sensescollect "6" flags before your opponentCostume [B, Accessory], Curriculum []
6. The duty of a heroDestroy "6" pieces of trash before your opponent Costume [B, Head], Curriculum []
7. Announcing the resultsDefeat Momo Yaoyorozu Costume [B, Body], Curriculum []
8. Quirk ControlDefeat Denki KaminariGym clothes [C], Curriculum []
9. A serious battleDefeat Ochako UrarakaSpecial [Body], Curriculum []
10. The path to becoming a great heroRescue "8" civilians before your opponentSpecial [Leg], Curriculum []
11. The strength of the bestDefeat Shouto TodorokiSpecial [Accessory], Curriculum []
12. A similar "Quirk"?Defeat Tsuyu AsuiSpecial [Head], Curriculum []
13. Protect the heroineProtect the object until time is upGym clothes [D], Curriculum []
14. A real villain Defeat Tomura ShigarakiCurriculum []
Epilogue - Further beyondHero Challenge Mode, Can use other characters in Hero Academia Mode, Curriculum []

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