Circlet Princess is a Winter 2019 TV anime series based off the PC browser/Smartphone game sharing the same title. Abbreviated as “CirPri”. The show began airing in January on Tokyo MX and AT-X. Following the live broadcast, the title is released through various streaming services in Japan.

The game is planned to officially launch spring 2019 in two versions, a standard version, and an R18 version.

The main character design is handled by saitom. (twitter / pixiv)

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During the Tokyo Game Show held on September 23, 2017, DMM unveiled this new title they had been developing.

Circlet Princess is a sports-style battle RPG, where players can select up to 5 characters referred to as “Canditas”. You take these Canditas, along with “Supporter Cards” and engage in a semi-auto battle against opposing Canditas, as you advance through the game’s narrative.

Amongst the staff, Nachi Kio is in charge of the scenario, with Elements Garden handling music production. Additionally, the title will feature artwork from over 100 illustrators.



With the growth of AR technology, MR (Mixed Reality System)* has become widely popular in the near future. As the MR system became incorporated throughout the infrastructure of society, a new sport was born.

The name of that sport is, Circlet* Bout!

Circlet Bout quickly rose as a popular sport among high school girls. However, this wasn’t limited to their academies. Circlet Bout’s rapid growth would soon encompass the entire region, with participation from star athletes generating excitement on a national level.

Amongst this popularity, a transfer student appears at Saint Union Academy*, a minor academy that was once revered as a powerhouse. Traveling all the way from Wakayama, a countryside area… The name of that girl is, Yuka Sasaki.

Will Yuka be able to save Saint Union Academy!?

MR / Circlet / St. Union – Information (Click to show)

Mixed Reality System – AR technology develop to overlay virtual information in reality. Becoming widely used in society and games, it’s seen in various situations, enhancing everyday life. Utilizing the MR System, virtual information can be perceived as objects within reality.

Circlet – A mobile device used to access the MR system. A necessity in this MR society.

Saint Union Academy – Once known as a power house Circlet Bout school. However, after losing its star athlete, sponsors began to leave, ultimately resulting in their downfall. Without enough Circlet Bout club members, the academy is on the verge of closing.



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Episode #1: Princess Strike

Original air date: January 08, 2019
English Subtitles: March 05, 2019 (Batch Link 720p), (Batch Link 1080p)

Yuka Sasaki, a middle school student, travelled all the way from the countryside to visit Tokyo. That day, a convention center was holding an event for the latest sport created using the MR system, “Circlet Bout”. It was there where she bumped into Chikage Fujimura, the undefeated Circlet Bout ace that was scheduled to appear in the convention’s match.

After noticing Yuka’s interest in the sport, Chikage invites her to watch. However, due to a mistake, she ends up participating in the match against Chikage… While still confused about her first experience with Circlet Bout, Yuka gradually begins displaying signs of a natural prodigy…!?

Episode #2: Starting Mind

Original air date: January 15, 2019
English Subtitles: March 06, 2019

After the match, Yuka receives a mysterious circlet. In order to face Chikage once again, Yuka enrolls at St. Union Academy. However, the club has already shut down…

With Yuka at a loss, she runs into Miyuki and Ayumu, who also wish to revive the club. The three attempt to convince the student delegate, Reina, but things don’t go as planned. During that time, Union receives an invitation to a practice match… Although, the school that requested it is currently number 2 in Tokyo.

Episode #3: Surprise Player

Original air date: January 22, 2019
English Subtitles: March 10, 2019

Yuka’s circlet came equipped with a talking battle AI called, Siegfried. With Nina as their latest addition to the club, they challenge Takamori in a practice match, with the help of Siegfried’s advice.

At Takamori Academy, Captain Sugiura and Iida stand amongst their top players. Miyuki and Reina decide to challenge this powerhouse. However, things aren’t looking good as they struggle to evade the opposing attacks… Soon after, Yuka takes to the stage.

Episode #4: Complex Sister

Original air date: January 29, 2019
English Subtitles: March 12, 2019

Reina’s older sister, Ayana, is revealed to have been one of the key figures in St. Union’s CB club. After their practice match, Sugiura proposes to assist Union’s circlet bout club, but Reina declines.

During this time Sugiura suggests that Yuka should join Takamori’s team. With Yuka facing this tough decision, she consults with Reina, ultimately leading to a practice match between the two. Reina, who was once attempting to follow in her sisters’ footsteps, challenges Yuka!

What will be the outcome of this game!?

Episode #5: Breaking Down

Original air date: February 5, 2019
English Subtitles: March 22, 2019

With Reina becoming the 5th team member, the CB club can now officially begin. With their newly formed club, they decide to take place in the main high school tournament for females, the Princess Cup.

While drawing opponents for the event’s bracket, they’re immediately stuck facing off against one of the top schools, Hoshinoumi Academy. It appears that Yamauchi and Miyuki have some history, and their encounter causes Miyuki to lose her usual confidence.

Will Yuka and the others be able to make it through their very first match!?

Episode #6: Extreme Game

Original air date: February 12, 2019
English Subtitles: March 25, 2019

Nina takes place in their 2nd tournament match against Eidai Academy, but is quickly knocked out.

With Nina realizing Circlet Bout is nothing like she imagined, she’s at a loss. On the other hand, in order to cheer up Nina, the others prepare a certain present.

In response to her friends’ efforts, Nina volunteers to take place in their 3rd match against Musashino Kyuoh Academy. However, Musashino Kyuoh was one of the academies that previously placed in the best 4… Will Nina be capable of making up for her first loss!?

Episode #7: Sweet Dreams

Original air date: February 19, 2019
English Subtitles: April 5,2019

St. Union continues to advance with remarkable results. In order to strengthen the bond of their team, Miyuki suggests that they all go out. In the city, they’re met with overwhelming support, and vow once again to win the Princess Cup. However, something seems off about Ayumu…

With the various mysteries surrounding her father’s disappearance, Ayumu requests a practice match against Yuka to learn the truth. While normally supporting her team through her notebook pc, Ayumu now steps onto the stage… with a shield…!?

Episode #8: Revenge Match

Original air date: February 26, 2019
English Subtitles: April 5, 2019

The overheating factor that took place two years ago…
Ayumu and Chikage learn that Yuka’s true strength emerges from the speed of her attacks.

Takamori is their next opponent, but they’re aware of the secret behind Yuka’s strength, leading Ayumu to predict that they’ve planned a countermeasure for it.

The day before the match, Sieg suggests that Yuka should fight with her own strength, rather than relying on his advice. Yuka reluctantly accepts his request. She enters the semifinals without depending on Sieg, however, something unexpected occurs during the game…

Episode #9: Home Coming

Original air date: March 05, 2019
English Subtitles: April 13, 2019

Miyuki and the others head to Yuka’s home in Wakayama to bring her back. With the defeat against Takamori, Yuka has also lost her confidence.

After that game, Sieg no longer responds, and upon further investigation, all his weapon data seems to be missing, as well. Ayumu decides to inform Yuka and the others about her father, Makoto Aizawa. This unfolds into a discussion of the creation of MR technology.

Her father, MR, Sieg, and the relationship between Chikage is revealed! Will Miyuki and the others be able to bring Yuka back?

Episode #10: Evolution Girl

Original air date: March 12, 2019
English Subtitles: May 13, 2019

Down to their last chance in the losers bracket, Union’s next match is against Takamori Academy, who faced defeat at the hands of Kurojishi Sougou Academy.

With Sieg gone, Yuka no longer has a weapon to battle with. This leads the others to preparing a brand-new weapon for Yuka. In order to create a weapon, an immense amount of resources is essential, but Yuka is able to obtain it with the help of her friends.

Yuka enters the losers match, vowing to defeat Takamori for the sake of her friends, as well.

What will be the outcome of this match?

Episode #11: Grand Final

Original air date: March 19, 2019
English Subtitles: May 13, 2019

It’s time for the final battle.

Yuka’s long-awaited battle is finally approaching. She’ll soon be able to continue the match she played against Chikage, while still in middle school.
The venue is filled with an unbelievable amount of support and passion from the crowd!

Yuka has been fighting solely with the goal of facing Chikage again, but now she’s determined to give it her all for her team.
Without Sieg, will Yuka and her team be able to reach Chikage…!?

Episode #12 END: Circlet Princess

Original air date: March 26, 2019
English Subtitles: May 13, 2019 (Batch Link 720p), (Batch Link 1080p)

Yuka is finally able to challenge Kurojishi’s ace, Chikage!

Despite the exchange of attacks, Yuka’s hits appear to have trouble connecting…
At this moment, Yuka experiences a certain change…!
Various emotions from teammates become one!

Will St. Union Academy stand at the top of the Princess Cup?
Or will Kurojishi claim victory once again…!?


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