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This guide covers story and character details, in addition to basic operations within the Japanese version of Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.


November 28, 2018:
Added trophy list here.

November 26, 2018:
Added details and movelists for: [Yamaneko Arthur], [Ikai-gata Koume Sakiyama], and [Ikai-gata Iori Yagami].

November 22, 2018:
Added “Knight Card Details”, “Element Bonus”, and “Element Counter” to [System] > [Mechanics] section.

November 21, 2018:
Initial Guide.

Additional Resources

Official Website: Console Version
Official Website: Arcade Version
Discord 1: https://discord.gg/UqGHKfr
Discord 2: https://discord.gg/kx7Sa2e
Mizuumi: wiki.mizuumi MAAB

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About the Game

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is a 2D fighting game that gathers popular characters from across the Million Arthur franchise. Familiar protagonists such as Arthur – Blade Protector and Thief Arthur are re-imagined in this stunning 2D artwork for an unbelievable all-out battle.

Additionally, the title features a variety of collaboration fighters, including: Iori Yagami “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV“, Koume Sakiyama “LORD of VERMILION IV“, Riesz “Seiken Densetsu 3“, and Yamaneko Arthur “Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur“.

Breathtaking battles unfold with a roster of 44 characters. Choose from 1 of 13 playable characters, and up to 3 of the 31 available supports and head into action.

While this title is great for fighting game fans, those who love the series can also enjoy a story mode supervised by Kazuma Kamachi, along with a variety of classic songs played throughout the game.


Opening Movie

KOTOKO handles the opening theme with her song, “die or dice?”.

Arcade Opening (Click to show)
PS4 Opening (Click to show)


The story unfolds during the time Merlin’s 2nd and 3rd Coronation Plans were foiled.

Two exchange students traveled to Great Britain with the intention of studying abroad. While sightseeing, they decide to visit one of King Arthur’s ancient ruins. Upon arriving, they’re suddenly swallowed through a time-space distortion and hurled into the past.

Led by a pair of mysterious fairies, they ultimately pull out the sacred sword Excalibur, and become known as “Arthurs”. Their sightseeing guidebook is mistaken for the history book of the gods, “Akashic records” by Guinevere, and rumors quickly spread throughout Camelot that historians from the future have arrived.

Other Arthurs, and fairies driven by curiosity appear before the protagonists one after another. Before long, a grand tournament is set in motion. Rumor has it that, “If the future historian recognizes you as Arthur, you’ll be written down in history as the greatest hero for generations”.

The two students are filled with nothing but bewilderment.
Turning to the fairies, they ask if they can immediately return to their time, though this request was in vain.

In order to bring them to this time, the fairies exhausted all the “Sacred Blood” (Life force from other Arthurs and fairies) they had accumulated. If they hoped to return to the present, they would need to battle against other Arthurs and collect this “Sacred Blood” from scratch.

Accepting the offer from the fairies, their entry in the tournament was sealed.

Thus, the curtain rises on Britain’s grand tournament. With those who wished to be written down in history, those who wanted to return to their own time, and those joining simply out of curiosity.



1.)1P and 2P Health Gauge
3.)1P and 2P Knight Cards/Summon Cost Meter
4.) 1P and 2P Inshi gauge (Factor gauge)


Text Version (Click to show)
Combination BladeA(Weak) > B(Medium) >C(Strong) D(Element). Time your buttons to perform consecutive attacks.
EvasionA+B or While guarding > 6A+B. Advance while avoiding enemy attacks.
*You can activate this while guarding by spending 100 meter.
Throws/Throw Breaks4B+C or 6B+C. When near your opponent, or the moment you’re grabbed.
Tech – Air Recovery 4 or 6 + Any attack button. The moment you land, or when you’re blown away.
Anti-air Attack6C. When Intercepting a mid-air opponent.

*”Enchant Boost” will also stop the timer.
**”Limit Break” will fill your meter more if your health is low.

Text Version (Click to show)
Element Attacks (Elemental Blade)D. Causes various elemental effects on hit.
- Element Effects
Fire: Damage over Time
Ice: Extended Hit Stun
Wind: Health Recovery
Inshi Gauge (Factor Gauge)You can activate various special moves by using this gauge.
Inshi Awakening (Enchant Boost)A+B+C. For a limited time, element effects will be applied to your normal moves.
*Consumes 100 from your meter
*Can be activated while attacking or guarding.
Limit BreakD+(A or B or C). Your factor gauge limit will increase to 300, this will also slightly fill you gauge.
You become invincible upon activation, and create a shock wave that will blow your opponent away.
*Can be activated while taking damage.

Text Version (Click to show)
Knight Summon (Million Knights)214+(A or B or C). The support knights you summon will unleash element-based attacks.
*Can activate in air
Knight CardSupport characters. Have a value of 1-3, Along with an element.
Cost Icon Cost meter for assist. 5 icons. Summons will consume your cost meter based on the card’s numerical value. Will refill over time.
Chain Barrage (Million Blade)Unleash simple, but stylish combos. If your factor gauge is over 100, you’ll perform a special move.

Text Version (Click to show)
Support Knight Type Types - [Attack] [Disrupt] [Assist]

Support Knight Efficiency - [Attack] [Speed] and [Range] stats are given to each card, with a star value between 1 to 3, indicating the effectiveness.

HP Bonus - Each card holds a [Health Bonus], with a heart value between 1 to 3, that will be applied to your character.
Element Bonus (Enchant Attack) Damage will be multiplied when consecutive attacks, sharing the same elements, are used. *Up to x2.00 Multiplier
Element Counter (Enchant Counter)Attacking with an element attack, then successfully landing the following element attack, will trigger an enchant counter.


“Story” mode contains the scenarios featured in the arcade version, while “Episode of Arcana Blood” has Nitou and Iai become the protagonists, leading towards the true ending.

Translations for all menus below (Hidden)

Online Menus

Online Menu Translations (Click to show)

Ranked Settings “Ranked Match”
-Start Searching
-Opponent strength (Any誰でも/Near me/Stronger)
-Completion Rate (Any/Only players with high completion rate)
-Connection (Any/3 or More/4 or More/5 Only)
-Area (Same自分と同じ/Anywhere)

Room Search “Player Match”
-Search with these Settings
-Number of Rounds (Any)
-Connection (Any/3 or More/4 or More/5 Only)
-Search Code (9898)

Create Room “Player Match”
-Room Name (RyuujiTK)
-Room Members (2 Only)
-Number of Rounds (2)
-Connection (Any)
-Win Streaks (Unlimited)
-Highest Rank Join Limit (Bronzeブロンズ/Silverシルバー/Goldゴールド/
Millionミリオン/Double Millionダブルミリオン)
-Lowest Rank Join Limit
-Comment (No Comment)
-Create Search Code (—-)

Battle Settings “Ranked and Player Match” need to be set individually.
-Character (Nitou Arthur)
-Color (01)
-Stage (Random)
-Stamp Chat (Noなし/Yesあり)

Replay Theater
-D-Pad (Select)
-Circle (Select)
-Options (Save to MY LIST)
-X (Back)

(Right-hand side options)
-Standby in Training Mode
-Change Character
-Auto Pass
-Comment Settings
-Player Data

Training Settings Menu

Training Menu Translations (Click to show)

Training Menu 1/4
-Display (Hide非表示/Damage Only/Input Only/Everything)
-Display Location (Front表/Rear裏)
-Reset Location (Center中央/Right/Left/Center2P/Right2P/Left2P)
-Position Reset
-Key Config
-Command List
-Restore Default Settings
-Return to Character Select
-Return to Main Menu

Training Menu 2/4
-Opponent Movement (Stand立ち/Crouch/Jump/CPU/Player)
-CPU Level (4)
-Guard (Noなし/Yes/1st hit最初のみ/After 1st Hit途中から/Random)
-Guard Change (Yesする/Noしない)
-Movement During Guard (Noしない/Evasion/Enchant Boost/Random)
-Counter (しないNo/Yes/Random)
-Tech (Randomランダム/Noしない/Yesする)
-Air Recover (Backwards後方/Neutral/Random/None/Forward前方)
-Throw Break (Noしない/Yesする/Randomランダム)
-Reversal (Noneなし/Jumpジャンプ/Backstep/Evade/Throw/Enchant Boost/Limit Break)
-Start Recording (Resetリセット/Slot 1スロット1)
-Play Recording (Randomランダム/Slot 1)

Training Menu 3/4
-HP Recovery (Onする/Offしない)
-HP Settings: PLAYER (100%)
-HP Settings: COM (100%)
-Inshi/Factor gauge (Normal通常/Max最大にする/Unlimited無限)
-Knights Summon (Normal通常/Max最大にする/Unlimited無限)
-Limit Break (Normal通常/Always常に)

Training Menu 4/4
->-Character (Yamaneko Arthur)
->-Select Knights Set
->-Character (Nitou Arthur)
->-Select Knights Set
-Stage (8)
-Knights Customise

Options Menu

Options Menu Translations (Click to show)

Game Options
-CPU Level
-Number of Rounds
-Round Time
-Vibration (On)
-Replay Upload (On)

Sound Options
-Background Music
-Sound Effects

Key Config
A – Weak Attack (Square)
B – Medium Attack (Triangle)
C – Strong Attack (R1)
D – Element Attack (X)
AB – Evasion (O)
AC –
AD – Limit Break (L2)
BC – Grab
BD – Limit Break
CD – Limit Break
ABC – Inshi Awakening/Enchant Boost (L1)
Stamp Chat (R2)

System Option
-Display Settings



Nitou Arthur
I’ve got the chance, might as well enjoy it!
CV: Arthur Lounsbery

A protagonist from this title.
An offensive orthodox fighter, not bound to a fixed style.
Counter your opponents with “Amagi Crusher”!

A male student studying abroad as a cultural exchange. While sightseeing near ancient ruins of King Arthur, he’s pulled through a time-space distortion and hurled into the past.

Led by a fairy, he removes the sacred sword Excalibur and becomes an Arthur. However, the sightseeing guidebook he was holding gets mistaken for the history book of the gods, “Akashic records”. This leads to everyone assuming he’s a “historian from the future”.

In order to return to his time, and save his childhood friend’s little brother, he enters the tournament.

View detailed movelist and combos (wiki.mizuumi.net – Nitou Arthur)

Iai Arthur
I’ve made up my mind… I’ll Fight!
CV: Sumire Uesaka

A protagonist from this title.
Burst around freely with your “Freezing Glide”!

A female student studying abroad as a cultural exchange. While sightseeing near ancient ruins of King Arthur, she’s pulled through a time-space distortion and hurled into the past.

Led by a fairy, she removes the sacred sword Excalibur and becomes an Arthur. However, the sightseeing guidebook she was holding gets mistaken for the history book of the gods, “Akashic records”. This leads to everyone assuming she’s a “historian from the future”.

In order to return to her time, and save her dying brother, she enters the tournament.

View detailed movelist and combos (wiki.mizuumi.net – Iai Arthur)

Thief Arthur
I’ll leave the fist fighting to everyone else
CV: Ayane Sakura

A protagonist from “Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur“.
What she lacks in reach, she makes up for with her high speed.
Disrupt your opponents with “Wire Shot”!

She infiltrated Camelot to steal hidden treasures. However, she ended up removing the Excalibur located inside, becoming another candidate for the next ruler.

While she lacks even the smallest ounce of interest in a king’s duty, her nature is comparable to a chivalrous thief, fueling her desire to protect the populace from approaching invaders.

With her eyes set on stealing the “history book of the gods”, she enters the tournament.

View detailed movelist and combos (wiki.mizuumi.net – Thief Arthur)

Arthur -Kenjutsu no Shiro- (Blade Protector)
Castle of Swords, March!!
CV: Mamoru Miyano

A protagonist from “Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur“.
Nickname (Kensa). He’s got everything from long range projectiles, to anti-air moves.
An all-rounder character.

To become a candidate for the next ruler, he attempted to pull out the sacred sword, Excalibur. While versed in politics, and diligent to his combat training, he’s never experienced a real fight before pulling the sword.

Respecting sword skills and courteous knights, he aims to restore order to Britain and calm the internal chaos.

After hearing the new Arthur was a “historian from the future”, he enters the tournament to find out if it’s true.

Dai ni-gata Bisclavret
I’ll eat anyone who gets in my way!! Just kidding
CV: Shiori Izawa

A Knight that first appeared in “Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur“.
An extremely carefree girl with ridiculous strength!?
Capture the enemy with “Hungry Time”!

She was originally an exceptional Knight, but that strength quickly became a target of jealousy. This ultimately led to her being cursed, and transformed into a werewolf.

If she desired, she could break the curse purely with her own strength. However, breaking that curse would result in the loss of her power as a werewolf, so she’s content with the way things are now.

She decides to join the tournament after learning strong opponents await.

Zex Siegfried
Andvaranaut full power! Control function drive!
CV: Yuki Kaji

The protagonist from the cancelled title, “Deck Make Million Arthur“.
Absorb your opponent’s elements with, “Elemental Predator”!
The key to victory is how you handle elements!

An artificial hero, created by the invading empire, to combat Britain’s Arthurs. Bathed in the blood of the dragon Fafnir, his body is transformed into a vessel of magic resources.

Using the cursed gauntlet, Andvaranaut, he can control knights similar to Britain’s model round table. He could be considered a “Copy Arthur”.

Due to certain circumstances, he is currently away from the empire.
He joins the tournament with a desire to battle against Britain’s Arthurs.

Kika-gata Nimue
Target confirmed. In order to protect you, I’ll eliminate you.
CV: Yui Ogura

First appeared in “Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur“.
While her movements are slow, her abundant projectiles make it difficult for opponents to approach.

One of Merlin’s projects. By creating a fairy similar to humans, he attempted to use her as an interpreter between humans and fairies.

However, the Nimue he created was far too human-like. She was unable to communicate with fairies, nor wield her fairy abilities.

Nimue currently serves the Arthurs, but sensing an unsettling feeling from Nimaanu and Ninyuu (the two fairies serving the protagonists), she enters the tournament to investigate.

Kyomu-gata Eternal Flame
If you touch me, you won’t get off with light burns.
CV: Juri Nagatsuma

A Knight that first appeared in “Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur“.
Close in without a sound, and crumble your opponents defense with “Flame Burst”!

A knight said to possess the genes of a Dragon and the Fire God, Kagutsuchi to control two types of flames. The actual details are unknown, but she doesn’t appear to be concerned about it.

More importantly, she’s displeased with hurting anyone that gets close to her due to the flames.

She enters the tournament believing Arthur will be pleased to receive the future historian’s “Ashakic Record”.

Tokui-gata Snow White
Have you all gathered here?
CV: Sora Amamiya / Akio Otsuka (Kobito-san)

A Knight that first appeared in “Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur“.
Crush your opponents with the overwhelming power of the “Seven Shadows”!

Her beauty is said to never perish, even in death. While she lacks the power to fight, She commands her attendants, the “Seven shadows”, in battle.

Snow White is a clone of the original, who currently sleeps in the forest. It’s believed that if the original grows up, she would become the most beautiful woman in the world. She often makes her surroundings uneasy against that beauty.

The dwarfs convince her to participate in the tournament believing, “If the future historian recognizes her beauty, it will be written down in history for eternity”.

Ikai-gata Riesz
I’m Riesz, an amazoness from Laurent! I’ll be your opponent!
CV: Mikako Komatsu

A knight created from the genes of Riesz, a protagonist in, “Seiken Densetsu 3“.
Unleash an oppressive offense with her spear’s long reach!

A knight born of Riesz’s genes. The princess of a kingdom, and the leader of an Amazoness Army.

Her memories from the original are strong. She wishes to rebuild her homeland, destroyed by an army of thieves, as well as save her kidnapped younger brother, Elliot.

Hearing a future historian holds the “Akashic records”, she believes it may tell the whereabouts of her younger brother. Acting on those thoughts, she enters the tournament.

Playable – New

Yamaneko Arthur
I’ll do whatever it takes, if it’s for the mission.
CV: Ayana Taketatsu / Nao Touyama (Coupy)

A protagonist from “Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur”.
Overwhelm your opponent with her heavy weapon Excalibur,
and unleash a variety of projectiles based on support Knight’s elements!

Yamaneko Arthur Movelist

Ikai-gata Koume Sakiyama
I’ll show you what a nurse can do!
CV: Aoi Yuuki

A collaboration character from “LORD of VERMILION IV“.
Command 7 familiars at will,
A technical character that can control all 3 elements!

Ikai-gata Koume Sakiyama Movelist

Ikai-gata Iori Yagami
Remember me when you see the moon!
CV: Takanori Hoshino

A collaboration character from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV“.
With moves like, “127 Shiki Aoibana” and, “Kin 1211 Shiki Yaotome”, pull off all the classic moves!

Ikai-gata Iori Yagami


Arcana Blood features 31 support characters from various titles, including: Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur, Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, Seiken Densetsu 3 and High Score Girl.

Support Video (Click to show)

Support – New

Ikai-gata Akira Oono
CV: Sayumi Suzushiro

A protagonist from “High Score Girl“.

Akira Support Video (Click to show)


Where to Buy – Digital

Digital pre-orders include a special theme, as well as the “Pure White” character color palette.

Digital – You’ll need 7,538yen (Japanese PSN cards)

Play-Asia: Website Link
5000+3000yen card – USD $85.98 (Last checked 11/21/18)

SEA Gamer Mall: Website Link
5000+3000yen card – USD $76.68 (Last checked 11/21/18)

Where to Buy – Physical

Physical pre-orders include a “Christmas” character color palette, while Amazon JP offers a special theme.


Amazon JP (Game+Bonus Color+Theme 7,538yen): Website Link

Amazon JP (Game Only 6,186yen): Website Link

AmiAmi (Game+Bonus Color 6,330yen): Website Link

Other Resources

GOZILINE (In Japanese): https://goziline.com/maab
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Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

Maker: Square Enix
System: PlayStation 4
Genre: Fighting
Release: Nov 29, 2019
Price: USD $63.99

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