This list covers all the obtainable trophies within the Japanese version of Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.

For the character specific trophies, the trophy image displays them. I’ve included explanations in the description, but you can still view the guide here for mechanics and movelist details.

The King Among KingsPlatinumAcquire all trophies
Overflowing with Power...!BronzeBeat Iai Arthur, eroded by the sacred blood
Return of the KingSilverClear STORY Mode
Looking to the Sky...GoldClear EPISODE OF ARCANA
Knight SummonBronzeLand a Support Knight attack, and form a combo (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Chain BarrageBronzeUnleash a Million Blade "Auto-combo"
Inshi Awakening BronzeActivate Enchant Boost "A+B+C" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Beyond LimitsBronzeActivate a Limit break "A+D" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Who Should I Pick?BronzeCustomize your Knights (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Million Knights MasterGoldSummon Every Knight (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
A Hundred Times OverBronzeDeal a cumulative of 500000 in Training Mode
The Journey BeginsBronzeEnter the Tutorial
That Should Wrap Things Up!GoldClear TIME TRIAL
Well? I'm Waiting~BronzeBring your opponent's Knight Summon Cost up to 5 "Guinevere Assist" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Sorry If That HurtBronzeSummon Hawkeye while using Riesz (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Prepare YourselfBronzeSummon Millionare Arthur, and activate super armor "Call assist, then armor through an attack" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
ChibibibibibiiBronzeSummon Little Grey (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
No Justice!BronzeHit with Jaku-San-Sei Elle twice in a single combo (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
High Score Girl!BronzeSummon Akira Oono in TIME TRIAL
Come on in!BronzeUsing Nitou Arthur, land Amagi Crusher "63214D" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
To Hell!BronzeUsing Blade Protector, Land the additional hit for Rising Heaven "623AA" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
There!BronzeUsing Thief Arthur, activate Wire Shot "j.623A" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
I'll Return the Favor! BronzeUsing Zex Siegfried, unleash Elemental Cannon "5D > 214D" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Enjoy the Piping Hot IceBronzeUsing Nimue, launch Freezing Seal "Hold then release D" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Spin, Spin, Spin~BronzeUsing Bisclavret, land Burning Wheel "j.D"(Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
...Become My WingsBronzeUsing Eternal Flame, land Magic Turret "623A+B" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Checkmate!BronzeUsing Snow White, successfully use Sevens Shadow Dynamic "Full circle + 2 attack buttons" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Hit!BronzeUsing Riesz, land Dragon Fang Spear "D hold"(Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Let's Go, I Don't Have TimeBronzeUsing Iai Arthur, cancel out of the Piercing Strike stance "236A hold" without attacking (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
It's Time for Your Injection!BronzeUsing Koume, land It's time for your injection! "236A+B" and form a combo (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Mission CompleteBronzeUsing Yamaneko Arthur, load all 3 element bullets "214D quickly after using an assist"(Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
What's Wrong!BronzeUsing Iori Yagami, combo a j.C into 108 Shiki Yamibarai "236+Any attack button" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Excalibur!BronzeLand 20 special moves "Skill" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Million Excalibur!SilverLand 20 ultimate moves "Million Excalibur" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Let's Go Even Further Beyond! SilverFinish over 5 rounds with a Million Excalibur (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
I was Chosen by the SwordBronzeWin a perfect game (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Now Then, Lets Test this Strength!BronzePlay a VERSUS match
To protect you, I'll eliminate youSilverWin 5 times in VERSUS
Bring it onSilverFight 20 VERSUS battles
If you touch me, you won't get off with light burns...BronzeIn a single combo, use fire elements to reach a 2.00 Element Bonus (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
I have some of my mother's apples!BronzeIn a single combo, use Ice elements to reach a 2.00 Element Bonus (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
This wind is weeping...BronzeIn a single combo, use wind elements to reach a 2.00 Element Bonus (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Give me everything you've got!BronzeUse Iai Arthur to battle Nitou Arthur (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Element MasterGoldIn a single combo, Perform an Enchant Counter with all three elements "e.g. land a Fire > Ice > Wind element combo" (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)
Limit Break MasterSilverHit your opponent 20 times with Limit Break (Excluding VERSUS, NETWORK)

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